Project objectives

Photo F. Perdan, archive Museum of Gorenjska

Photo F. Perdan, archive Museum of Gorenjska

The project aims to retrieve and to share the social memory through the testimony of seniors who lived past decades. The seniors will become trainers of their successive generations, transmitting the memory of daily life, which otherwise would be permanently lost.

Starting from the individual memories, the project will build up the social memory of a community by investigating different aspects which enhance the transition of our societies within the central decades of 20th century: family, love, work, leisure, school, gender system, etc.

By doing this we expect :

  • to get elders actively involved in their community
  • to strengthen the contribution of seniors involved to the learning of others, including young adult
  • to value and enhance elders’ knowledge and experience within the community
  • to improve the knowledge of the past daily life and its consequences in our society
  • to foster inter-generational and family learning and reduce intergenerational gap
  • to promote the local identity and the sense of belonging.

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