Intergenerational laboratories conclude in Italy

In Italy were concluded the laboratories which involved different generations to gather individual memories telling about the daily life with particular regards from 50’ to 70’ years. Love life, Television and Radio were the main themes told by seniors. These memories have shown a common thread among the communities of the various villages involved, showing a society that flipped around certain landmarks such as the church, the bar and the family. From the stories will be the most significant sentences extrapolated to turn them into micro-monuments that will be placed on the territory and bring back to light a collective memory that is regenerated from the individual memories.

Pilot workshops starts in Orio (Basque Country)

The intergenerational workshops started in Orio. Elders and young adults will debate within 4 sessions about the history and memory of their community, focusing on fishing tradition and social transformation.

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Video on Polish intergenerational activity

Check what the seniors and young adults discussed during the “Meetings at Śródka”

Elver fishing memories in the Basque Country will test the SEMBET methodology in September in Orio, a fishermen village nearby San Sebastian.

The intergenerational workshops will approach the elver fishing memories, a very popular fishing activity of the Basque estuaries.

Elvers are part of the traditional Basque cooking. They are rare nowadays and their price may rise up over 600€ in Christmas time.

Implementation starts in Italy


In April are started the activities related the testing of the methodology on the Italian territory. The facilitators have worked involving seniors and adults. The intergenerational exchange are developing through the collection of memories related objects or gestures of the past: the daily life in the rural area, marriage during the ’70. In Monzuno Municipality the memories are anchored to the territory using signs placed on tourist trails.