Pilot experience in the Basque Country

IMG_8860Aranzadi implemented SEMBET in Orio, a basque coastal town mostly known for its traditional elver fishing practices. Focusing on fishing tradition and social transformation, and taking fishermen world as the main subject, four seniors and four adults took part in four workshops throughout two weeks. Together, they analysed the changes faced by this traditional profession, inserting their own experiences into a story, generating individual memories. A set of different activities were proposed to link these individual memories and build a community memory: Map of the memories and storytelling (Happy events and every-day life stories from participants were placed in a map); Show and tell (explanations and stories around ancient object linked to elver fishing ) or Inspiring projects ( a collective experience in a nearby town: the restoration of an old wooden ship and turning it into a symbol and a monument for the community).

IMG_9017At the end, an artistic performance was carried out next to the sea: a river of sand made by the local participants, where every curve and deviation from its flow represented each memory, all together immerse in the itinerary of a shared history.

As result, participants showed a positive attitude and saw the importance of bringing the past to the present as a way to preserve fishing skills and knowledge. New relationships were built, and the contact between generations led to a reflection on local community development and future plans to preserve cultural heritage.

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