Pilot experience in Slovenia

The topic approached was the First World War. Activities were first addressed to people (seniors) who have some memories (stories, objects, photos…) related to First World War but not (or not related to) weapons. Secondly, we involved organizations and also to individuals who have computer and organizational skills, want to learn a little bit of history from first hand stories (young adults). DSC_0005

001We determined different kind of meetings of both generations and carried out the activities consisting mainly of telling stories, brining objects from that time and (in the process of teaching seniors new technological skills) putting all together for the final exhibition and publishing on the online portal KamraRegional portal Kamra accumulates digitised local cultural content from libraries and other local cultural institutions. Digital content is thus available through one single place and created by the most competent organisations in their respective fields. The content stored on Kamra is presented in the form of stories with supporting narrations, corresponding digitalised objects and metadata.

Then all our actions became very famous on the local level so other cultural organizations showed interest to join us. And that is how the final event of the experimental application in our country became known in our community. Beside our own outputs presentation, there were also organized three other exhibitions with the same theme (one in our library and one in the regional museum and one painting exhibition in the local house of culture), presentation of authors who were writing in the time of First World War, presentation of the films created in that time and workshops for children (because all community was included we had to organize something for them too although they were not the target group  of the project).

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We also decided to film all that and also some of the stories and object to have a presentation movie for dissemination and exploitation even after project ending.

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