Pilot experience in Romania

On 11th of June, IREA started the implementation of the methodology in Romania, by involving two groups of individuals: students from the Students Association of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology from the West University of Timisoara, and seniors that are members in the Association of Seniors from Timisoara.

10511181_334200096731023_7186037250603506343_nThis first intergenerational activity was organized on 27 June 2014 and was the first step to a journey to the past that the young people took it when they subscribed for this activity. Remarkable toys and stories came out from their memories and experience of life. But what was really impressive were the emotions and the bonds that both groups developed during and after this sesion. The learning process and the curiosity to knowing more about the past emphasised, as a second meeting was asked buy the groups in order to transform and bring their memories even more in the material world, so that they can be passed on over the time to other generations.

44In the second activity, discovering more about the seniors and writing together memories about the pleasure of the childhood and the general characteristics of a childhood from years back, became the main objective of this session. In the present, IREA is working to the transformation of all this memories into a micro-monument of life, which will take the form of a brosure.

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