Memory and learning

sembet-eu-02Memories are constantly being made and forgotten. There are individual memories, which are your memories, and social memories.

Social memory, where you share a common history with a specific group of people, is crucial in creating and maintaining a sense of individual and community identity.

Intergenerational learning describes the way that people of all ages can learn together and from each other. It is not only about knowledge, but also promoting mutual understanding and developing social capital and social cohesion in our ageing societies.

The social and cultural diversity; the individualism of our society and the ICT and mass media have changed the role of the family in the transmission of cultural, ethical and social values.

Building and sharing the social memory related to a period of time or a specific community aspect is a way of transmitting knowledge, attitudes and skills from the elders to the new generations, which before was made within the family context.

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