Pilot experience in Italy

10380829_596751653777642_8059642496310038729_oIn Italy the methodology has been tested on different Municipalities of the Bologna Province involving groups already partly structured. A preliminary confront has been held with the representatives of the hosting structure, association or cooperative to analyze the context, objectives and expectations of the groups.

The groups have been managed by a facilitator who has addressed the conversations without built structured interviews and rigidity. The methodology creates an intergenerational exchange through the memories of years from ’50 to ’70. In different occasions the memories of war have emerged but the groups have appreciated that the period to remember was after the war and in particular the period between ’50 and ’60 years.

The younger elderly have in fact pointed out that generally the focus is mainly on the war period in which they were too young to remember something. The next period made ​​them protagonists. To facilitate the exchange, the recovery of memory and curiosity we have used items such as photos, letters, diaries.

The main themes that emerged were the media, such as radio and television, and the context that was around. Emerged memories related to the community and a way of living in and with the community. Another theme was the love life: the engagement and marriage. The spirit in dealing with this subject was very playful and the involvement was strong from both the elderly and adults and young adults who have had the desire to tell and share about their “adventures.”


At the end we collected images, videos and texts that all together form the micro-monuments of memory. Per each municipality involved has been created a panel that report images and texts of the local people. The panels, presented to the community, are placed in a public place and they has a QRCode that is linked to the SEM.BET website and Database of memories in which are gathered the videos of meetings and micro-monuments done in the other European countries. Everything is divided by macro-themes so the memories can be compared at European level.

Click here to access the materials gathered (raw format) during the pilot experience in Italy

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