Intergenerational workshops in Śródka (Poznan, Poland)

PoznaÅ„ Åšródka_outdoor exihibitionThe activity took place on 16-18 of June, 2014 in Śródka. It is a small but very distinct district of Poznan, very close to the historical centre of the city.  The activity had a form of indoor and outdoor workshop involving two groups of scouts – the elderly group of ca. 75 years of age and younger group in the interval 25-20 years.

The workshops were aimed at discussing the ways in which this distinct part of the city has been perceived by these two groups – both of them closely related to this district. The younger generation got to know how to read the space of the bygone past by looking at some architectural elements, remains of walls, etc. while the older generation tried to understand the very same space and its significance as perceived by younger generation. The relationship between these perspectives was explicitly scrutinized.

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